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Episode 67: New Opportunities with Remote HCIT Implementations

  • June 25, 2020

Gabriel Harry and Chris Torregosa take over the podcast to discuss remote consultative support and leadership for healthcare technology implementations. They discuss the state of the healthcare industry and the opportunities a remote workforce offers healthcare organizations.


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Episode Synopsis

As various states begin to relax restrictions and re-open, healthcare providers remain on the frontlines of the ongoing pandemic. It is critical to continue efficient, lean operations, and many healthcare organizations are looking for new opportunities with remote workforces. A poll from HIMSS revealed healthcare organizations predominantly use consultancies for information technology (IT) system setup, redesign, or deployment, helpdesk or other managed IT services, and financial management or billing.

Gabriel and Chris discuss the opportunities available for remote IT implementations and the reasons many healthcare organizations were starting to transition to remote deployments pre-pandemic.

Figure 1:

HIMSS poll


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  • Gabriel Harry

    Gabriel Harry

    Vice President

  • Chris Torregosa, CPHIMS, PMP

    Chris Torregosa, CPHIMS, PMP

    Vice President


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