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Episode 40: Innovative Physician Compensation Models in a Dynamic Healthcare Environment

  • July 18, 2019

Justin Chamblee, Alex Kirkland, and Stephen Ross join Mark to discuss designing an innovative physician compensation strategy to adapt to continual changes within the healthcare industry. Justin, Alex, and Stephen often speak to audiences on the topic and receive many questions on best practices for physician compensation model design and structure.


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Episode Synopsis

Justin, Alex, and Stephen discuss the dynamics currently affecting physician compensation and offer an in-depth analysis of the new model structures that are being contemplated within the industry. They consider the key challenges associated with innovation and recommend best practices for designing physician compensation models.

The primary considerations and pressures within the healthcare market today include the push for value-based healthcare initiatives, the growth and scalability of the compensation structure, and the affordability of the compensation model for the healthcare organization.


White Paper: The Perpetual (Upward) Shift of the Median

Myth of the Median

Compensation Best Practices for Physician Enterprises


  • Justin Chamblee, CPA

    Justin Chamblee, CPA

    Executive Vice President

  • Stephen Ross

    Stephen Ross

    Vice President

  • Alex Kirkland

    Alex Kirkland

    Vice President


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