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Episode 107: How will Split/Shared Visits Change Between APPs and Physicians?

  • September 15, 2022

Alex Kirkland and Chris Marrs join Mark Reiboldt to discuss changes to the split or shared billing between advanced practice providers and physicians. Alex and Chris encourage healthcare organizations to understand these changes and update processes before the changes take effect in 2024.


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Episode Synopsis 

A split/shared visit, defined as “an E/M visit in a facility setting that is performed in part by a Physician and an NPP who are in the same group,” is billed based on which provider performed the “substantive portion” of the service.

For non-critical care split/shared visits in 2022, a “substantive portion” is considered “all or some portion of the history, exam or medical decision-making key components of an E/M service.” However, for critical care visits in 2022 and all applicable visits beginning January 1, 2023, a “substantive portion” is more specifically defined as greater than 50% of the time spent on the encounter.

If the physician spends more than 50% of the time with the patient, CMS will reimburse the visit at 100%. However, if the advanced practice provider spends more than 50% of the time with the patient, they will reimburse the visit at 85%. The provider attached to the service will also receive the wRVU credit for those professional services.

Click to listen to the episode and learn how these changes could impact how your providers are reimbursed and compensated for their professional services.



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