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Episode 84: Recovering from the Pandemic: Hospital Pain Points and Challenges

  • March 25, 2021

Michele Madison, a partner in the healthcare practice at Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP, joins Mark to discuss hospital pain points and challenges in the wake of 2020. They touch on compliance, transactions, E/M coding changes, financial challenges, telehealth, and handling the various hardships that have grown over the last year of COVID.


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Episode Synopsis

Michele and Mark discuss maintaining physician relationships and focusing on value-based care and cost-reducing strategies. Hospitals are also exploring how to develop and expand outpatient healthcare delivery to patients.

They also discuss the implications of the weighting changes to the work RVU values and how these changes affect commercial reasonableness and fair market value. How will these changes affect the upcoming survey data that many physician enterprises rely on?

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    Mark Reiboldt

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