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Episode 74: Practicing in a Pandemic: Technological Innovation from the Ground Up with Modernizing Medicine

  • October 1, 2020

Dr. Michael Sherling joins Mark Reiboldt to describe practicing in a pandemic. Dr. Sherling is Co-founder and Chief Medical and Strategy Officer of Modernizing Medicine. Modernizing Medicine helps physicians save time in their medical practices while improving the quality of care and business outcomes through their specialty-specific EHR technology.


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Episode Synopsis

Mark and Dr. Sherling describe what it is like for healthcare providers on the pandemic’s front lines. They discuss patient care barriers during the pandemic, the challenges medical practices are experiencing, and the ways medical groups can innovate to meet these challenges.

Mark and Dr. Sherling also look to the future and identify the positive trends of practicing in a pandemic and which ones medical groups should continue to practice in the future.



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  • Mark Reiboldt

    Mark Reiboldt

    Executive Vice President


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