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Episode 4: AHLA Presentation Recap: Long-Term Value from Post-Merger Integration

  • May 31, 2018

Michele Madison from Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP, joins Mark to discuss how to create long-term value from transactions through effective post-merger integration. Michele is highly experienced in managing legal issues arising in hospitals, physician offices, or integrated health systems.



Episode Synopsis

Mark and Michele recently presented at the American Health Lawyers Association Healthcare Transactions conference on the topic of post-merger integration. Throughout their discussion, they walk through why it is critical to consider the goal of effective integration after a merger throughout the entire transaction process.

The foundation is to first define what we mean by “makes a transaction work”; that is, a deal that results in long-term value creation for all stakeholders. Measuring the true success of a transaction requires a look far beyond the initial perspective of fit and financial returns, focusing instead on whether the affiliation resulted in compelling value realized over an extended period.

Topics covered in this episode include strategic validation, due diligence, regulatory risks, deal structure, integration structure, and implementation. Mark and Michele offer their advice on how to structure deals while considering the long-term effects of integration.


Michele Madison – Martin, Manning & Morris, LLP

White Paper on Effective Post Merger Integration

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