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Episode 33: Investing in Employed Provider Networks

  • May 2, 2019

Brandt Jewell and Stephen Ross join Mark to discuss the concept of investment per physician for employed provider networks. Brandt, Stephen, and Mark review the market movement from independent practices to employed practices.


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Episode Synopsis

Mark, Brandt, and Stephen discuss the differences between independent and employed practices, including treatment of overhead and other financial considerations. Because of these differences, employed provider networks usually require some form of financial assistance.

Ultimately, each organization should consider the value they receive for their investment in the employed provider network. Mark, Brandt and Stephen discuss the different types of analyses that can be performed, what to consider when using market data, measuring the investment in the network, and improving financial performance.


Article: Health System Practice Investment: What’s the Cost?

  • Brandt Jewell

    Brandt Jewell

    Senior Vice President

  • Stephen Ross

    Stephen Ross

    Vice President


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