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Episode 3: Operational Issues in the Medical Practice and Physician Services Realm

  • May 31, 2018

Jeff Gorke joins Mark to discuss operational issues and challenges medical practices face in the physician services realm. Jeff has expertise in optimizing the strategic and operational aspects of outpatient care to enhance processes and programs, drive efficiencies, and improve profitability.



Episode Synopsis

Mark and Jeff explore the greatest challenges hospitals and physicians face today and the importance of a strong relationship between the physicians and administration. As providers of healthcare, physicians need a seat at the table to help change the delivery of care.

The focus of healthcare is shifting from volume to value, and many physicians are struggling to remain in private practice. Small independent groups will continue to face challenges as costs rise. Further, we have already seen a significant uptick in hospital employment over the last 10 years.

Another factor impacting medical practices and hospitals alike is technology. Telehealth is gaining popularity, and, love them or hate them, electronic medical records (EMRs) are essential to the modern medical practice.

Mark and Jeff provide their insight on these topics and other operational issues in employed and private medical practices.



AMA Study Reveals Practice Owners No longer Physician Majority

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White Paper on Employed Physician Turnaround


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