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Episode 27: Espresso Shot #6: Using Technology to Disrupt Your Health System

  • February 14, 2019

Today’s episode is an interview Jeffery Daigrepont, SVP in our Healthcare IT Services division, conducted with Morgan Hefner, VP of Sales at MobileSmith Health, a healthcare technology mobile solution. Jeffery and Morgan discuss the advantages of using a mobile platform to disrupt healthcare in your system before someone else does.


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Episode Synopsis

Disruption in healthcare is a trend that has received much media coverage in the past year, in particular with the recent entry of large corporate companies such as Amazon and Apple into the healthcare space. Consumerism is finally catching up to healthcare delivery, and it’s an important time to adopt newer technologies to transform healthcare in the United States.


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  • Jeffery Daigrepont

    Jeffery Daigrepont

    Senior Vice President


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