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Episode 18: Physician Compensation: Automation Solutions with ProCARE Portal

  • October 25, 2018

Justin Chamblee, Jack Liu, and Matt BonDurant join Mark to discuss the evolution of physician compensation and the benefits of a software solution. Mark, Justin, Jack, and Matt talk about the changes in the healthcare market and how these changes have affected compensation.



Episode Synopsis

Jack and Matt are managing partners with ProCARE Portal, a software-as-a-service platform built around a rules-based engine to automate the administration of physician compensation plans. Coker Group has teamed up with ProCARE Portal as an advisory partner for consulting and strategic services.

Jack and Matt join Justin and Mark to discuss how the shift toward fee-for-value reimbursement has changed the way physicians are compensated and how compensation plans are managed and administered. Fee-for-service provided a simple calculation to determine compensation (wRVUs multiplied by a rate), and fee-for-value has added a myriad of other potential metrics to the calculations, making it difficult to manage and administer compensation plans.

They introduce the concept of compensation automation as a solution for increasingly complex compensation plans.


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    Justin Chamblee, CPA

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