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Episode 17: Executives Beware: Five Questions Astute Boards are Asking about Healthcare IT

  • October 18, 2018

Terry Wilk joins Mark to discuss the use and management of a healthcare organization’s information resources, systems, technologies, and staff. For their discussion, Mark and Terry pose five critical questions that Boards should be asking concerning the use of IT throughout their organizations.



Episode Synopsis

Mark and Terry discuss the need for executives and boards to ask the right questions to help their organizations make the appropriate decisions. They explain why executives and boards must understand and govern IT based on the business implications of IT investments.

Common Business Issues for Healthcare Organizations 

  • High ongoing IT capital and operating costs;
  • Major IT system implementation, conversion, or outsourcing initiatives;
  • Leveraging emerging technologies;
  • Legal, regulatory, and operational compliance issues; and
  • Business recovery and continuity.

The Five Questions

  1. What is the strategic importance of IT to the organization?
  2. What role should executives and the Board have in governing IT assets?
  3. What competencies do executives and the Board need to govern IT effectively?
  4. How and when are IT-related matters reported to the Board?
  5. How should the Board leverage IT to improve its value to the organization?


White Paper: Executives Beware: Five Questions Astute Boards are Asking about Healthcare IT

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