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Episode 16: Improving Access to Care for Patients

  • October 4, 2018

Brandt Jewell joins Mark to discuss improving access to care for patients which has many different interpretations. For their discussion, Mark and Brandt define patient access as the ability for patients to access care promptly, and how a provider practice manages patient touch points and schedules to coordinate service access and minimize wait times.



Episode Synopsis

Mark and Brandt discuss how to improve access to care for patients by reducing patient wait times, better managing provider schedules and templates, and enhancing visit slot utilization.

They explain the primary challenges and common barriers when addressing patient access to care with a focus on why it is essential to improve.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • 3rd Next Available appointment by visit type (short/long and new patient/follow up)
  • Visit slot utilization
  • Un-booked hours/slots
  • No-shows and cancelations
  • Provider productivity (wRVUs and visit volumes)
  • Provider time away from practice (true clinical FTE)


Pursuing Patient Access: Explore strategies to maximize value for patients, providers, and health systems

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  • Brandt Jewell

    Brandt Jewell

    Senior Vice President


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