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Episode 12: ValuePath™: Transitioning to a Value-Based Care Delivery Model

  • September 6, 2018

Dr. Mac Knight joins Mark to discuss Coker’s approach of transitioning to a value-based care delivery model. ValuePath™ is a suite of services designed to aid physicians and healthcare organizations with improving their quality of care and lowering the cost of services.



Episode Synopsis

Mark and Dr. Knight outline the key success factors for performance under value-based care, including clinical integration, care process design, contracting for value-based care delivery, operational performance management, and revenue assurance.

They explain how CMS uses the risk adjustment factor (RAF) scores to measure the complexity of patients as well as how physician practices and healthcare organizations can use RAF scores to prioritize and focus their efforts to best serve their patient population.


Risk adjustment in healthcare: Essentials that all providers should know

Managing Financial Risk through a Value-Based Clinical Care Delivery System

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  • Mac Knight, MD

    Mac Knight, MD

    Senior Vice President/Chief Medical Officer


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