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Episode 109: Is Your Advanced Practice Provider Compensation Strategy Successful?

  • October 13, 2022

Alex Kirkland and Matt Jensen join Mark Reiboldt to discuss the results of our inaugural advanced practice provider strategy and oversight survey. The survey contains insight from 60 organizations employing 3,067 advanced practice providers and represents 4,356 physicians and 28 states.


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Episode Synopsis 

Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) are at the forefront of healthcare delivery. They directly impact organizational goals, such as patient access, care coordination, care outcomes, and population health initiatives.

A straightforward APP compensation framework that recognizes market rates, specialization, and experience is essential to an organization’s success in retaining and growing its APPs. Aligning APP compensation models with physician compensation model structures promotes team cohesiveness and enables providers to maximize their unique value to meet strategic goals and objectives.

Do you want to learn more about APP strategies and oversight? Click to listen to the episode and learn how APP strategies and oversight are changing.



  • Alex Kirkland

    Alex Kirkland

    Vice President

  • Matthew Jensen, ASA

    Matthew Jensen, ASA

    Senior Manager


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