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Episode 101: What are Cash Balance Plans?

  • May 19, 2022

Mark Massey, a vice president with the Southern Medical Association Services, Inc., joins Mark Reiboldt to explore the concept of cash balance plans for medical practices. Mark explains cash balance plans, who is a prospect for cash balance plans, and how they work.


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Episode Synopsis 

A Cash Balance plan is a type of retirement plan that allows business owners to contribute over $200,000 per year in many cases. Contribution limits are based on the age of the owner. The plan is entirely employer-funded, and the plan clearly defines the contribution/benefit formula for participants.

A Cash Balance Plan takes advantage of a business expense that an owner can keep, deduct from profits, and let grow tax-deferred. Owners can fund a sizable portion of retirement savings using money they would have paid in taxes.

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  • Mark Reiboldt

    Mark Reiboldt

    Executive Vice President


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