Assess the Health of Your Practice Operations

Assess the Health of Your Practice Operations

  • February 20, 2018

Whether you are “concerned, yet cruising” (e.g., maintaining healthy margins), or you suspect significant fissures within your physician organization, an assessment of your operations is beneficial. Operational assessments provide a baseline determining areas of operational inefficiencies and their cause(s) while offering quantifiable results.

Coker provides both full operational assessments and bench assessments to examine employed practices and private practices to determine and quantify financial and operational stressors on businesses.

  • The bench assessment is an “assessment lite” providing a quick, analytical, high-level review of five key data points that tend to create the most financial stress for medical practices.
  • The full operational assessment is a detailed and distinct analysis of the financial and operational structure of medical practices, which leads to recommendations and action plans to remedy deficiencies.
  • Brandt Jewell

    Brandt Jewell

    Senior Vice President


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