Urgent Care Center Trends and Value Insights

Urgent Care Center Trends and Value Insights

  • May 26, 2020

In a time when our nation’s healthcare delivery processes are at a point of unprecedented change in clinical practice and policy, urgent care clinics serve an essential role. They can provide urgent and primary care services to communities while also providing relief for overcrowded emergency departments. To this end, urgent care clinics continue to experience material growth driven by their convenience, high-quality standards of care, and demonstrated ability to lower the cost of and enhance access to care in communities across America. This growth has fueled an increase in transactions within the urgent care space.

The white paper will explain the definition of an urgent care center and the current transaction environment. Author David Walline is a senior manager in Coker Group’s finance, operations and strategy group, with a specific focus on business valuation. His business valuation career spans over a decade, with the past eight years focused on the valuation of entities within the healthcare industry.

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