Pursuing the Private Equity Model for Physician Practice Transactions

Pursuing the Private Equity Model for Physician Practice Transactions

  • April 18, 2022

Physician employment opportunities stand out within the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape due to their disruption of industry norms, significant financial implications, and platform for driving further growth.

While private physician practices seeking employment have numerous options, acquisition by Private Equity can be desirable. This opportunity not only results in a sizable upfront cash windfall for physician owners but can also improve physician work-life balance by reducing administrative burdens and revitalizing engagement around enhancing clinical outcomes.

Physicians across the country seem to agree, as acquisition by Private Equity has become increasingly common. Medical Groups grow larger as market forces encourage consolidation, and partnership with Private Equity enables physician practices to compete in this new paradigm.

Download the white paper to understand why this acquisition model is so common and how it impacts the future.

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