An In-Depth Look at Private Equity Transactions in the Healthcare Services Sector

An In-Depth Look at Private Equity Transactions in the Healthcare Services Sector

  • February 27, 2020

Among the various types of transactions and the participants involved in them, the presence of private equity within the healthcare services space is not a new concept. Healthcare entities have been partnering with private equity investors for decades. Likewise, healthcare providers have been a high-valued target for these types of private capital investment firms for many years, and the current market trends indicate that such interest will likely continue to grow into the future.

In this paper, we look at some of the current trends in healthcare private equity, and we dive into some key elements of the overall discussion around private equity deals involving healthcare services organizations. This discussion begins by breaking down what “healthcare private equity” is and what it means for organizations that might consider engaging in a transaction with a capital partner, now or in the future. Then, we dive deeper into some of the nuances that we see and, in many cases, have dealt with directly in our work with clients on both sides of the private equity transaction. Finally, throughout our teams’ decades of experience working in healthcare transactions, we address some common themes and characteristics in the current healthcare private equity deal marketplace, which are helpful to understand and consider for both buyer and potential sellers exploring such transaction options.

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