Healthcare Strategic Planning

Hospitals and physicians alike see the importance of working together, but what is the best channel to accomplish the ultimate goals of each? With respect to the various ways hospitals and physicians can work together—alignment, clinical integration, population health management, hospital strategic planning, pricing, new service analysis, care process design, and physician compensation—Coker knows your challenges. We are prepared to help you work through the corresponding choices and develop associated strategic plans. Leaders must take into account all their opportunities to develop strategies that yield success, and Coker can provide a myriad of options and alternatives as well as assist healthcare leaders in navigating these alternatives.

Our highly-qualified and experienced professionals explore comprehensive approaches for your consideration and propose the strategies best suited to your organization. Alongside your leaders, we work to attain customized strategic and tactical solutions.

Healthcare Strategy Consulting

Alignment Strategy

Hospital-physician alignment has evolved far past employment only, yet many hospitals and physicians are unaware of  other potential ways that hospitals and physicians can align. Coker helps health systems and physician practices propose alternative methods for alignment to their prospective partner that will allow them to work together in a way that meets everyone’s needs.

Clinical Integration Strategy

With the reimbursement paradigm evolving to a focus on value, hospitals and physicians are compelled to work in an integrated approach. Coker assists hospitals and physicians to work together to revise clinical integration processes and business models to ensure their mutual success. Though many hospitals want higher quality care, they lack a plan for how to get there. Coker’s team delivers the plan that will effectively unite hospitals and providers around the delivery of higher value.

Population Health Management

With the shift in the market toward population health management, Coker offers strategic guidance through our Coker ValuePath™ services to help organizations effectively meet the Triple Aim as well as capture value-based reimbursements. Coker also assists providers in contracting directly with large employers.

Development of a Hospital Strategic Plan

Organizations must have a clear stratagem to adapt to the continuing evolution of healthcare. Coker facilitates strategic planning retreats for hospital C-suite executives and boards of directors, as well as for medical practices, to help ensure organizations have a well-defined roadmap for future success in this fluid situation.

Strategic Pricing

Providers face the challenge of competing with others in the marketplace. Coker provides organizations a strategy to remain competitive in their market and provide their patients transparency.

New Service Pro Forma Analysis

Many hospitals are considering developing new services through the adoption of new technology or acquisition of specialized talents. Likewise, practices are looking for ways to improve revenue and are weighing the addition of new or expanded services. Coker completes pro forma analyses that detail anticipated investment and corresponding return on investment, which allows organizations to determine the viability of these potential new services.

Care Process Design

As hospitals, health systems and medical groups seek to provide higher value care, Coker provides strategic direction to help navigate the continually evolving shift from volume to value continues. Coker will help providers re-tool front-line care processes through custom strategies to ensure patients receive the appropriate care at the right place and time.

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