Hospital Operations

The day-to-day processes and actions of an organization are the machinery that keep it running. In their various roles, staff perform tasks that make an organization function. The effectiveness of the processes, coupled with the capabilities and efficiency of the staff, determine how well an organization operates and how likely it is to be successful.

Healthcare organizations are multi-layered entities and offer many opportunities for operational shortfalls. Often, when you are in the midst of doing your job, you may be unable to see where weaknesses lie and where vulnerabilities exist. However, these weak links in any system can have disastrous consequences.

Coker’s hospital operations team is comprised of experts with decades of experience in assisting healthcare organizations to improve their deficiencies and minimize their risks of operational failures. Our services encompass a broad range of assistance based upon proven methods and approaches. Our guidance is available for health systems, hospital outpatient departments, employed physician networks, independent practices, freestanding surgical facilities, and ancillary service offerings across a number of settings.

Hospital Operations Consulting

Physician Community Needs Assessments

Know you are on the right path to recruit, build, and right-size your medical staff by understanding your market opportunities with support from real-time, accurate data.

Community Health Needs Assessment

As a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, community health needs assessments (CHNA) and implementation strategies are new requirements for all tax-exempt hospitals. Coker will help you conduct the appropriate assessments and build a platform of information to prioritize your community health needs plan and develop applicable materials to ensure compliance with compliance standards.

Revenue Cycle

The lifeblood for any organization is its revenue cycle. Coker offers revenue cycle reviews to help organizations address revenue shortfalls, billing difficulties, collections and follow-up on collections.


Perform quarterly or semi-annual assessments of coding practices to ensure proper coding while appropriately maximizing associated reimbursement.

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Coker offers “expense only” assessments of a hospital’s clinical documentation improvement (CDI) program and can then assist the hospital in building and optimizing their CDI activities.

Payer Contracting

Conduct annual assessments of the reimbursement rates of the network or medical practice to secure optimal contracts with payers.

Interim Executive Solutions

When a senior-level executive (i.e., director, vice president, executive vice president, etc.) departs a medical practice or health system on short notice, for any reason, it leaves a gap that must be filled. Coker offers short- and long-term executive level interim candidates to take on these roles, allowing the organization to conduct a thorough search for a permanent replacement while hospital operations continue unabated.

Physician Network Review

Determine possible operational deficiencies in an employed physician network and ascertain exposure to financial risks.

Turnaround Services

Address and rectify problems when an employed physician network or independent medical practice is in financial and/or operational disrepair.

Service Line Analysis and Assessments

Identify and resolve matters when a service line of a hospital or employed physician model is in financial or operational disrepair.

Risk Management of Value-Based Contracting

As value-based reimbursement for hospitals and physician practices become more the norm, Coker can assist in evaluating, negotiating and mitigating the risks of value-based contracts.

Patient Flow Management and Patient Access Improvement

Assess and solve patient flow and access issues within the clinic or practice. Coker can help clients manage patient flow and improve access through the use of innovative methodologies related to patient flow and hospital operations management.

Medico-Legal Case Reviews and Expert Witness Testimony

Coker has experienced hospitals and physician practice administrations as well as experienced clinicians who can serve as defense-side experts in medico-legal cases.