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    Mark Reiboldt

    Executive Vice President

  • Max Reiboldt, CPA

    Max Reiboldt, CPA



In today’s healthcare environment of consolidation, transactions are becoming more complex in structure, strategy, and execution. Achieving value from these ventures is increasingly difficult, as well. Organizations must navigate an onslaught of challenges and obstacles to ensure deals are successful in creating long-term, sustainable value. At Coker, our financial team provides a broad range of advisory services to healthcare entities involved in any transaction scenario. From traditional mergers to strategic joint ventures and other affiliations, value is rarely achieved by merely getting a deal to close.

We can facilitate an entire deal process or provide expertise in specific areas throughout a transaction. We are unique in that our teams understand the perspective of both buyers and sellers, as well as representing the interests and needs of hospitals and physician-owned entities alike.

Transaction Management

Integrated and systematic project management centrally coordinated throughout the entire transaction process from strategic planning to post-merger integration (PMI) increases the client’s potential for success and timeline to value returned from the deal. Our financial team represents a range of technical expertise that addresses specific components of a transaction and other types of financial initiatives. We have developed significant expertise in serving as overall manager and lead coordinator of these multifaceted and often extended processes. Through our years of experience managing deals of all sizes for healthcare entities, our qualified transaction advisors have developed several proprietary models, applications, and other strategic/tactical tools that enhance effectiveness and value for the client, ultimately working towards completing a successful transaction strategy and achieve your targeted returns.

Services and Specialties

  • Transaction Management Office
  • Due Diligence
  • Valuation Advisory
  • Financial Modeling
  • Transaction Process Management
  • Deal Strategy
  • Deal Communications
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Transition Services and Management
  • Clean Room/Data Coordination


  • Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Equity Purchase/Investment
  • Joint Venture/Strategic Alignment
  • Divestiture/Asset Sale
  • Strategic Affiliations/Partnerships
  • Asset Monetization
  • Turnaround/Distressed Asset Resolution
  • Restructuring
  • Spin-off/De Novo Ventures

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