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Strategic Healthcare Transactions: Navigating Complexity for Lasting Value

In today’s healthcare landscape marked by consolidation, navigating complex transactions is essential for creating lasting value. At Coker, our financial team offers comprehensive advisory services tailored to various healthcare entities involved in diverse transaction scenarios. From traditional mergers to strategic joint ventures and affiliations, we understand that successful deals require more than just closure.

Our Approach:

Transaction Management

We provide integrated project management from strategic planning to post-merger integration, enhancing the client’s potential for success and expediting the timeline to realize value from the deal. Our team’s unique perspective encompasses both buyers and sellers, representing the interests of hospitals and physician-owned entities.

Services and Specialties

Transaction Management Office:
  • Centralized project management for the entire transaction process.
Due Diligence:
  • Thorough examination of relevant aspects to inform decision-making.
Valuation Advisory:
  • Expert assessment of the financial worth of entities involved.
Financial Modeling:
  • Development of strategic financial models for informed decision-making.
Transaction Process Management:
  • Coordinated handling of various transaction components.
Deal Strategy:
  • Strategic planning to guide successful deal execution.
Deal Communications:
  • Effective communication strategies throughout the transaction.
Post-Merger Integration:
  • Ensuring smooth integration for sustained value creation.
Transition Services and Management:
  • Assisting in the transition phase for optimal outcomes.
Clean Room/Data Coordination:
  • Ensuring secure and organized data handling during transactions.

Situations We Handle

  • Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Equity Purchase/Investment
  • Joint Venture/Strategic Alignment
  • Divestiture/Asset Sale
  • Strategic Affiliations/Partnerships
  • Asset Monetization
  • Turnaround/Distressed Asset Resolution
  • Restructuring
  • Spin-off/De Novo Ventures

Our experienced transaction advisors leverage proprietary models and tools to enhance effectiveness, guiding clients toward successful transaction strategies and targeted returns. Whether managing deals of all sizes or handling specific components, we are dedicated to achieving value and fostering long-term, sustainable success in the healthcare sector.

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