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  • Jeffery Daigrepont

    Jeffery Daigrepont

    Senior Vice President

  • Carlos Maldonado

    Carlos Maldonado

    Senior Vice President/ CTO & Founding Member of Proda

  • Marissa Maldonado

    Marissa Maldonado

    Senior Vice President/CEO & Managing Member of Proda


Our technology management, support, and hosting services are comprehensive IT services and support offerings focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. We provide these services by designing, implementing, operating, managing, and monitoring all types of IT networks, devices, and users. The approach of combining advanced IT tools, knowledge of HIT systems, and understanding of healthcare operations are in the DNA of all our consultants that service our healthcare providers. Our philosophy is to provide organizations, small and large, the same service, technology, and passion for blending the benefits of our healthcare knowledge with IT.

Our team has bundled industry-standard best practices with the latest in advanced technology monitoring. Our goal is to provide seamless efficiency with little to no disruption to provider productivity.


  • 24×7 Server and Infrastructure Monitoring. For a fixed monthly fee, we will proactively monitor all aspects of your organization’s IT infrastructure. Many IT service companies use this service to monitor the uptime of a device or server, which is relatively common. However, the approach we take is all about service levels. We want to make sure that you are as productive and efficient as possible, so we not only use our proactive monitoring services to respond to outages, we use our technology to provide insight into IT operational costs, capacity planning, and security. It is our primary tool to help you make insightful IT decisions.
  • 24×7 Helpdesk Services and Support. Our support services provide the most efficient way to resolve end user issues quickly. Today, healthcare IT support services are not just about resetting passwords and clearing out printers. It’s about trending, anticipating, and addressing issues before they become problems. In combination with our monitoring system, our helpdesk and ticketing operation provides insight into potential failures, outages, and possible security issues.
  • Virtual/Fractional CIO. Our Fractional CIO services can provide you with C-level IT strategy and support. As healthcare IT moves from a capital expenditure model to a recurring operational expense model, our CIOs are available to guide you on evaluating and making intelligent decisions on IT purchases and operations.
  • IT Strategy, Planning, and Consulting. Our consulting team is versed in innovative IT strategies and planning, specializing in evolving businesses, advancing technologies, and forward-thinking IT infrastructure. We understand that each organization is unique with different objectives and priorities. The key to a successful partnership is an understanding of your organizational culture, environment, mission, goals, expectations, and current barriers to your success.
  • Cloud Assessment and Hosting Services. With our assessment and consulting services, we will work with you to perform a thorough analysis and deep dive of your network infrastructure, giving you a clear picture that will enable you to make efficient and cost-effective decisions tailored to your business needs. IT technology is evolving quickly, and our goal is to help your organization choose the right cloud solution to help transform your IT environment. We offer end-to-end, hands-on support for all your cloud infrastructure, application, and SaaS needs—across design, deployment, and management.



For over 20 years, Coker has been providing managed IT services to some of the most progressive healthcare organizations in the United States. By 2010, our managed IT services had become our fastest segment of growth with over 2,000 providers under support. At the time, Coker’s corporate IT was being managed locally by Proda Technology, an exclusive provider of managed IT services. To support Coker’s growth, we turned to Proda (our very own and trusted) IT support provider to take us to the next level. 

Who else better to entrust your clients’ needs than those you trust to meet your own needs?

Coker continues to look for innovative ways to bring maximum value to our clients by combining our world-class industry knowledge with state of the art technology partners to deliver the best-in-class solutions. Because we only serve healthcare organizations, we fully understand all the IT compliance regulations and complexities unique to medical practices. Therefore we genuinely provide medical-grade IT support. As a Coker client, you can take comfort knowing we not only recommend Proda to our clients, we are also a customer of Proda.

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