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    Max Reiboldt, CPA



Coker Strategies: Navigating Success Through Tailored Planning and Expert Facilitation

At Coker, we specialize in helping hospitals, health systems, and physician groups achieve their strategic goals. Our tailored approach encompasses a variety of key areas, ensuring a comprehensive and effective strategic plan.

Our Strategic Planning Process: A Snapshot

Collaborative Team Engagement:
  • Involves a diverse team, including providers, administration, and front-line staff.
Comprehensive Assessment:
  • Conducts a thorough evaluation of current operations and finances.
Benchmarking and Insights:
  • Provides insights by comparing the organization to peers and high-performing entities.
Best Practices Customization:
  • Tailors best practices to craft a unique and differentiating strategy.
Stakeholder Engagement:
  • Identifies ways to engage key stakeholders in the organization’s future success.
Goal Development:
  • Culminates in the creation of actionable goals, accompanied by realistic tactics, success measures, and timelines.

Tailored Strategic Planning Services

Limited or Enterprise-wide Planning:
  • Tailored processes for specific needs, be it service line planning or comprehensive enterprise-wide strategies.
Stakeholder-Specific Tailoring:
  • Customization for Boards of Directors, physician leadership, administrative stakeholders, or a combination, ensuring coordination of goals.
Strategic Retreat Facilitation: A 360-Degree Perspective
  • Our proven facilitation process offers a holistic view during strategic retreats.
  • Focused discussions on challenges and opportunities aid decision-makers in informed planning.
  • Expertise applied across Strategy, Operations, Finance, Technology, and Compliance for comprehensive solutions.
Service Line Optimization: Navigating Change and Uncertainty
  • Our advisors lead strategic planning and optimization efforts across clinical service lines.
  • Tailored assistance for defending against competition, aligning with value-based care, or contemplating new service lines.
  • Plans include actionable strategies, tactics, and goals with clear timelines and accountability.
Your Success is Our Priority:
  • We craft realistic yet impactful plans for present and future success.
  • Multidisciplinary teams ensure cost-effective and sustainable results.
  • Finalized plans include actionable steps, timelines, and responsible parties, enhancing your organization’s likelihood of success.

Partner with Coker to fortify your organization’s path to success in an era of change and uncertainty.

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