Physician Practice Operational Performance Improvement

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    Max Reiboldt, CPA


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    Brandt Jewell

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Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions: Navigating Quality, Efficiency, and Financial Success in a Dynamic Environment

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, organizations and physicians face the critical task of delivering high-quality, cost-effective care. To navigate this challenge, a comprehensive evaluation of infrastructure, operational procedures, and clinical outcomes is necessary. In the pursuit of success amid changing reimbursement structures, informed and data-driven decision-making becomes paramount.

Our team of seasoned consultants specializes in crafting tailored solutions for health systems and providers, addressing complex challenges in the unpredictable healthcare environment. Recognizing the unique circumstances of each client, we collaborate to identify crucial issues and implement sustainable results. Leveraging analytical and operational expertise, we serve as objective advisors, offering outsourced support or working alongside internal teams. Our focus lies in achieving clinical and administrative efficiency without compromising the quality of care.

Typically, our projects commence with a thorough analysis, followed by detailed recommendations for both macro and micro aspects of the organization’s operating structure. Our partnership often extends to supporting or managing the implementation of these recommendations, covering performance improvement opportunities across hospital, business office, and clinic/medical group operations.

For assessments of Physician Group/Physician Enterprise performance improvement opportunities, our areas of focus include:

  • Organizational structure, reporting relationships, span of control, and leadership proficiency
  • Patient throughput and operational workflows in both the clinic and hospital setting
  • Patient access/demand, provider schedules/templates, and services metrics including, but not limited to no shows, wait times, and cancellations
  • Revenue cycle structure and processes, focusing on accounts receivable, denials and claims processing; revenue maximization while maintaining total compliance
  • Physician productivity based on work relative value units (wRVUs), visits, slot utilization, and patient contact hours
  • Physician compensation levels relative to productivity
  • Coding proficiency and processes, which may indicate the need for a formal coding audit
  • IT functionality and utilization to support efficient operations
  • Non-provider staffing levels and division of responsibilities
  • Compliance reviews, balancing regulatory adherence with appropriate revenue cycle processes
  • Personnel/management evaluation and training
  • Executive coaching and organizational structure enhancements
  • Consultative education and “cutting edge” updates regarding industry trends
  • Dyad leadership (clinical and administrative) consultation

An assessment of Hospital enterprise performance improvement opportunities typically includes:

  • Workforce-staffing ratios, flexing, supplemental pay, scheduling analysis
  • Clinical performance-care management, excess/avoidable days, length of stay/discharges
  • Supply chain
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Service Lines (e.g., musculoskeletal, emergency department, cancer care, heart, etc.)
  • Ancillary entities (e.g., home health, hospice, assisted living, etc.)
  • Revenue cycle (central business office, etc.)
  • Departmental reviews
  • Inpatient coding and documentation
  • Compliance reviews, balancing adherence with appropriate revenue cycle processes
  • Departmental/service line consultation/education
  • Strategic planning (overall and by service line)
  • Executive coaching and organizational structure enhancements
  • HIT functionality and throughput
  • Capital and operating budget analysis; financial performance evaluation
  • Board of director consultation, strategic planning, etc.
  • “C”-Suite consultation
  • Executive recruitment services
  • Merger and acquisition consultation
  • Physician alignment strategies and/or transactions advisory services
  • Community relations/focus group reviews
  • Physician needs analyses (supply/demand studies)
  • Medical staff development planning

Our goal is to empower health systems and providers to navigate the complexities of the healthcare landscape efficiently and effectively.

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