Physician Community Needs Assessment/Medical Staff Development Planning

Strategic Healthcare Planning: Addressing Physician Shortages and Community Needs with Coker’s Expert Guidance

In response to the Association of American Medical Colleges’ projection of a potential physician deficit of 139,000 in the United States by 2033, Coker offers support to hospitals and health systems in incorporating this critical aspect into their strategic planning. Our focus is on ensuring continued success by addressing the evolving healthcare needs of communities. To align with Stark regulatory requirements, we undertake a comprehensive Physician Community Needs Assessment and Medical Staff Development Planning.

Our approach involves the following key steps:

Identifying Specialty Areas of Concern:

  • Detailed documentation of current service area providers and their full-time-equivalent status
  • Evaluation of physician-to-population ratios
  • Conducting medical staff interviews and surveys
  • Analyzing market-specific dynamics
  • Performing attrition analysis
  • Utilizing population projections

Collaborative Strategy Development:

  • Working closely with hospital leadership to prioritize needs and develop targeted strategies for physician recruitment
  • Addressing access improvement within the geographic service area

Supplemental Services:

  • Developing detailed physician recruitment policies and procedures
  • Conducting fair market value/commercial reasonableness analysis to further document market need
  • Formulating physician retention strategies to retain recruited talent

Our team of nationally recognized experts, who are experienced speakers, authors, and resources, specializes in assisting multiple-facility health systems with overlapping or disparate markets. We also support pediatric hospitals and stand-alone community-based hospitals committed to meeting the healthcare needs of their service areas. Whether it’s updating a physician workforce plan, conducting a comprehensive analysis for a clinically integrated network transitioning to value-based care, or performing a specific analysis for a particular service line, our advisors customize solutions to meet the unique needs of each organization.

Coker’s commitment is to provide guidance that ensures healthcare organizations are well-prepared for the future, addressing physician shortages and evolving market dynamics.

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