Interim Management in Healthcare

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Coker’s Interim Management Program for Healthcare Organizations

When facing gaps in executive management within your healthcare organization, ensuring continuity during everyday challenges is crucial. In times of crisis, rapid growth, change, or transition, having a vacant position in your leadership team can be risky. Engaging an interim manager may be a valuable solution.

At Coker, we offer an interim management program as a practical solution for both planned and unexpected vacancies, bridging the gap during the executive search process.

Benefits of Interim Management

  • Maintain Organizational Momentum:

    Ensure the continuity of operations by immediately filling vacant executive positions with qualified associates.

  • Assess and Advance Performance:

    Evaluate and advance clinical, financial, and operational performance without gaps or lapses.

  • Service Line Development:

    Explore and execute service line development or expansion strategies with experienced leadership.

  • Prepare for Changes:

    Prepare for pending changes in ownership with the assistance of seasoned interim executives.

  • Initiate Essential Initiatives:

    Initiate and implement essential initiatives with senior-level expert assistance, avoiding oversights in effective management.

How Interim Management Works:

  • Experienced Leadership:

    Our pool of qualified executives brings a broad range of healthcare experience and in-depth knowledge in various areas.

  • Executive Depth with Consultant’s Breadth:

    Interim healthcare executives have led organizations in full-time positions and consulted in various engagements, providing broad-based insight.

  • Hands-on Expertise:

    From front-line technical knowledge to high-level strategic management skills, our interim management team offers the necessary expertise.

  • Interim to Permanent Placement:

    Engage interim executives to provide direct input in the search for a full-time leader. Insights gained from the temporary engagement aid in finding, placing, and transitioning to the best permanent candidate.

  • Industry Experience and Additional Expertise:

    As part of a full-service healthcare consulting firm, our interim management executives can tap into a wide array of hospital, financial, clinical, and operational advisory services, addressing the challenges our clients face.

In an environment where finding executive talent is increasingly challenging, especially with the shrinking supply of high-level leaders, our interim management program provides a strategic and effective solution. Whether for short- or longer-term assignments, our seasoned healthcare leaders are ready to contribute to the success of your organization.

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