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    Justin Chamblee, CPA

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    Mark Reiboldt

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Maximizing Success in Healthcare Transactions through Comprehensive Due Diligence

Hospital and physician practice transactions persist as essential growth strategies for healthcare services organizations seeking to expand their footprint for access to care and enhance market share competition. In the execution of mergers, acquisitions, or other healthcare transactions, due diligence emerges as a critical element, significantly impacting the likelihood of long-term success. Often, parties involved in these deals tend to focus primarily on economic terms and deal structure, transforming due diligence into a checklist-like process.

The Pitfall of Checklist Due Diligence

This checklist-oriented approach raises the risk of overlooking potential issues, as the due diligence process becomes more about ticking boxes than conducting a thorough investigation. Neglecting the due diligence stage may lead to missed opportunities to identify and pursue significant prospects for enhanced value returns, which typically arise from a dynamic and comprehensive due diligence program.

Our Advisory Focus

Our consultancy specializes in advising hospitals, health systems, medical groups, investors, and other healthcare entities on transactions, with a specific emphasis on facilitating comprehensive transaction due diligence. We categorize our approach into two overarching categories:

  • 1. Compliance Due Diligence
  • 2. Operational/Financial Due Diligence

A Multifaceted Approach

We view due diligence as a multifaceted organism, necessitating an understanding of both quantitative and qualitative aspects of a transaction. Our methodology involves using robust quantitative market data as the foundation for analysis. Subsequently, we apply our knowledge of the specific dynamics of the situation and leverage our expertise in the healthcare industry to formulate conclusions.

Guiding Organizations Towards Compliance

Our conclusions and recommendations are designed to assist organizations as they strive for compliance in today’s evolving healthcare market. By combining quantitative analysis with industry-specific insights, we aim to provide a holistic perspective, ensuring that our clients are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of healthcare transactions and maximize their chances of long-term success.


Compliance Due DiligenceOperational/Financial Due Diligence

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