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  • Roz Cordini, JD, MSN, RN, CHC, CHPC

    Roz Cordini, JD, MSN, RN, CHC, CHPC

    Senior Vice President


Coker’s Comprehensive Healthcare Compliance Solutions

In the dynamic healthcare regulatory landscape, organizations face constant challenges in maintaining compliance. At Coker, we offer tailored solutions to address these complexities and enhance your organization’s adherence to regulatory requirements.

Compliance Program Development
  • Develop a customized compliance program aligned with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.
  • Assist in activating the program within your organizational environment.
Compliance Program Effectiveness Assessment
  • Evaluate your existing compliance plan against the seven required elements.
  • Provide recommendations and implementation assistance for improved effectiveness.
Governance Education and Advisory Services
  • Educate governing body members on their fiduciary obligations regarding compliance.
  • Assist in developing communication structures and offer ongoing advisory services.
Virtual Compliance Officer Services
  • Engage expert compliance personnel remotely on an interim or ongoing basis.
  • Support in operationalizing or overseeing compliance programs, including training newly-hired officers.
Physician Arrangement Compliance Audits
  • Conduct reviews for Stark/Anti-kickback compliance and payment reconciliation.
  • Ensure adherence to regulations in medical director arrangements and documentation.
Physician Arrangement Procedure Development
  • Assist in developing sound and compliant policies, procedures, and structures for physician arrangements.
Fair Market Value/Commercial Reasonableness Opinions
  • Provide objective opinions on whether compensation arrangements meet fair market value and commercial reasonableness criteria.
Provider Coding and Documentation Compliance Audits
  • Conduct periodic or ongoing coding and documentation audits for accurate and compliant billing.
  • Address risk adjustment coding challenges, especially in the context of value-based reimbursement models.
Root Cause Analyses (RCA)/FMECA
  • Lead RCA/FMECA analyses to identify the root causes of compliance issues.
  • Assist in updating policies, procedures, and controls based on analysis outcomes.
Mergers and Acquisitions Compliance Due Diligence
  • Review the effectiveness of the seller’s compliance program during due diligence.
  • Evaluate financial relationships with physicians, Stark Law compliance, billing and coding reviews, and security assessments.

Choose Coker for a comprehensive and effective approach to healthcare compliance tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

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