Healthcare Coding and Compliance Audit

  • Roz Cordini, JD, MSN, RN, CHC, CHPC

    Roz Cordini, JD, MSN, RN, CHC, CHPC

    Senior Vice President


Healthcare Coding and Compliance Audit Services

Ensuring accuracy and compliance in healthcare billing is paramount for providers, especially those facing scrutiny from Medicare administrative contractors and other payers. At Coker Group, we recognize the significance of ongoing provider coding and documentation audits as an essential element of healthcare organizations’ compliance work plans.

Why Choose Coker Group

  • Expert Team: Our coding team comprises certified experts in various fields, including registered nurses, health information management professionals, physicians with coding experience, risk adjustment advisors, and billing experts.
  • Comprehensive Services: We offer high-quality advisory and audit services tailored to both small provider practices and extensive healthcare systems.

Coding Excellence

  • Accurate Reporting: We understand the critical role of accurately translating clinical documentation into coded data for databases, ensuring precise reporting of clinical, quality, cost, and financial data in healthcare.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The coding process is tightly regulated and scrutinized by payers and regulatory agencies to prevent errors and fraud. Our team ensures compliance with these regulations, especially in the context of evolving value-based reimbursement models.

Technology Integration

  • EHR Optimization: Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are pivotal in producing correct documentation for accurate coding and reimbursement claims. Our technology team ensures the appropriate EHR is in place for streamlined processes.
  • Efficiency Enhancement: We emphasize the efficiency of practice management software over traditional methods, preventing denials, claim rejections, and ensuring proper reimbursement.

Education and Training

  • Coding Expertise: Our advisors are proficient in CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM/PCS, E/M, Risk-adjustment, and HCC coding. We provide coding education and training for staff and providers to enhance documentation and coding best practices.

Consult With Us

  • Tailored Solutions: Whether you require periodic or ongoing documentation, coding, or medical necessity audits for inpatient, outpatient, or physician services, our team can provide tailored solutions.
  • Contact Us: Reach out to one of our experts to learn more about our healthcare coding and compliance audit services. We are dedicated to ensuring accuracy, compliance, and excellence in healthcare coding practices.

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