Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • Jeffery Daigrepont

    Jeffery Daigrepont

    Senior Vice President


Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence for Success in a Data-Driven Environment

In the rapidly evolving landscape of value-based healthcare, hospitals, health systems, and physician groups face the imperative to embrace data-driven strategies. At Coker, we specialize in partnering with healthcare organizations to tailor data strategies that meet specific needs, ensuring success in the challenging healthcare environment.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Our seasoned team of experts is well-equipped to assist your organization in various critical areas:

Operational Performance
  • Increase efficiency and reduce delivery costs
  • Enhance pay-for-performance, quality, and accountability
  • Boost operational agility and adaptability
  • Optimize practice network and supply chain management, as well as human capital
Clinical Performance and Patient Satisfaction
  • Improve clinical quality of care and population health management
  • Increase patient safety and reduce medical errors
  • Enhance wellness, prevention, and disease management
  • Improve physicians’ clinical performance
  • Elevate patient retention and satisfaction
Financial Performance and Compliance
  • Increase revenue and return on investment
  • Improve staff utilization
  • Identify and address risk and regulatory compliance matters
  • Eliminate fraud and abuse
  • Navigate MIPS/MACRA/PCMH/PQRI requirements
Strategic Performance and Enhancements
  • Leverage advanced analytics for informed decision-making
  • Implement real-time dashboard reporting
  • Apply predictive reporting to anticipate trends
  • Optimize Artificial Intelligence (AI) for enhanced insights
  • Review and refine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Digital Visualization Strategy

Whether implementing performance metrics dashboards, process redesign, or improving financial performance, our consultants employ proven data science methodologies. Our digital visualization strategy incorporates user-friendly dashboards, making data actionable for clinicians, administrators, and patients alike.

Data Management Architecture

Our goal is to help clients establish a seamless data management architecture that consolidates information into a unified structure. We leverage cost-effective, scalable platforms, including cloud-based services, to ensure accessibility and efficiency.

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