Financial Modeling and Economic Analysis

  • Mark Reiboldt

    Mark Reiboldt

    Executive Vice President

  • Max Reiboldt, CPA

    Max Reiboldt, CPA



There are many elements to Coker’s financial services, all revolving around our clients’ needs and relevant market trends that may have a distinct impact today and in the future. Our services, expertise, and approach are tailored to answer whatever questions and address any issues with our clients who need assistance. Our help can come through pro forma financial analyses, strategic and financial planning, balance sheet evaluation and restructuring, and economic modeling around industry statistics and market trends. These customized financial analysis services typically go hand-in-hand with other financial advisories that we provide, including valuation services, physician compensation analysis, transaction due diligence, and other merger and acquisition-related services.

Our financial modeling and analysis often entail:

  • Pro forma financial modeling
  • Market analysis and statistics
  • Forecasting and financial planning
  • Debt restructuring
  • Capital (i.e., CapEx) planning and forecasts
  • Managed care contracting analysis
  • Third party “black box” analyses
  • Merger or acquisition transaction economics
  • Return on investment (ROI) and internal rate of return (IRR) modeling
  • Quality of earnings analysis
  • Capitalization tables and equity investment analyses
  • Valuation modeling
  • Utilization and volume analysis/projections
  • Community need analyses
  • Supply/Demand modeling

Our expertise and advisory services related to financial modeling and economic analysis typically will accompany other scenarios or processes where clients have engaged us to assist. Some of these scenarios might include:

  • Merger or acquisition
  • Joint venture or other forms of structured transaction
  • Hospital/physician alignment transactions
  • Capital planning
  • Capitalization and capital raise processes
  • Recapitalization processes
  • Debt capitalization or restructuring
  • De novo ventures
  • Equity investments and/or outside capital raises
  • Physician network development and/or integration
  • Managed care contracting and negotiations
  • Market growth assessments
  • Community needs analyses
  • Physician supply/demand assessments
  • Turnarounds or restructuring initiatives
  • Project financial planning and financing
  • Financial projections and forecasting
  • Physician compensation model development
  • Executive compensation analysis and planning
  • Compensation plan implementation and management

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