Senior Associate Consultant

Job Details

$65,000 – $80,000 a year

Job Type


Number of hires for this role


  • Master’s (Preferred)
  • Accounting: 2 years (Preferred)
  • ASA, ABV, CVA, CFA, CPA, MHA, MPH, PMP, etc. certification (Preferred)

Full Job Description

Coker Group is a national healthcare advisory firm, working with hospitals and physician groups. Through principled professional consulting, we assist healthcare providers in their pursuit of a sound business model and an enhanced patient experience. Our advisors have the experience and creativity to find the right solution for any market and healthcare entity. We are currently seeking additional expertise to join our Finance, Operations and Strategy team. If you’re ready to apply your learned analytical skillset and healthcare knowledge to daily work, while continuing to build this foundation and also begin to drive projects forward, the Senior Associate role is an excellent launch point.

The Senior Associate will be primarily responsible for performing the detailed work on client engagements, functioning and thinking like a “strategist” based on the direction from the Manager and Vice President/Senior Vice President on projects. The Senior Associate’s role on projects will begin to be focusing on client interaction, helping establish the direction of the project, and having the deliverable prepared with minimal review and edits needed.

In performing their role, the Senior Associate is expected to have foundational knowledge with some expertise in the subject matters at hand and be able to instruct the Associates, where necessary. The Senior Associate should begin to know what questions to ask, where potential problem areas exist and what is needed to move a project forward. Further, the expectation is that the deliverable coming from the Senior Associate to the Manager/Vice President/Senior Vice President team is near final form, with the reviews performed by the Manager/Vice President/Senior Vice President consisting of adding some subject matter expertise. The Senior Associate should be able to articulate fully all facets of the deliverable and the rationale for the work performed/decisions made in the deliverable.

Generally, the mindset of the Senior Associate is expected to be one of “making it better”; taking ownership of their work, developing their subject matter expertise and looking for ways/areas to make additional contributions to the success of Coker.


  • Carry out billable and non-billable tasks assigned by Managers/Vice Presidents/Senior Vice Presidents.
  • Take direction from Managers/Vice Presidents/Senior Vice Presidents and execute on said direction.
  • Begin to demonstrate subject matter expertise through speaking/writing opportunities with Managers/Vice Presidents/Senior Vice Presidents.
  • Demonstrate a “career” mindset with respect to your role, setting the example for others.
  • Meet all established deadlines.
  • Communicate regularly and fully.
  • Ask questions (‘’don’t assume”).
  • Develop error-free and high-quality work, pay attention to details.
  • Think like a strategist.
  • Begin pursuing relevant qualifications/credentials.
  • Regularly invest time to enhance general business skills and overall healthcare knowledge.
  • Consistently look for ways to “make it better” and “make you better”.
  • Be disciplined and dignified in your representation of Coker in both work and non-work settings.
  • Be willing to jump in and take care of what is asked of you.


  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college/university.
  • Master’s degree and/or additional certifications (ASA, ABV, CVA, CFA, CPA, MHA, MPH, PMP, etc.) are preferred.
  • 2 to 4 years of relevant industry experience in healthcare consulting.
  • Must be highly motivated, self-sufficient, perceptive, ambitious, flexible, and high energy.
  • Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills with the ability to exercise mature judgment.
  • Excellent interpersonal/communications skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.

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