Vinson Do, MSBA

Senior Associate


University of Maryland, College Park

Master of Science in Business Analytics, MSBA

Bachelor of Science in Public Health, BS

College Park, MD


Professional Memberships

Next Generation of Public Health

Vinson Do is a senior associate at Coker Group. He has a proven track record of using a deep understanding of data analysis techniques and tools to uncover unique insights in the data that can help businesses make more informed decisions. Vinson is skilled at using various software programs and applications to manage and analyze large data sets that can help a company improve its data management processes and systems. In addition, his experience in creating external client-facing and internal operational tools allows him to develop analytical solutions to complex issues that cannot be solved manually, ultimately increasing efficiency.


  • Expertise in data analysis and visualization tools enabled the efficient presentation of insights to clients.
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills from years of experience navigating through complex data pipeline obstacles.
  • Adapted to various federal and commercial workflows and environments to facilitate the ETL process.
  • Advanced communication skills for effectively presenting data insights concisely for clients.
  • Experience collaborating with cross-functional teams, including data scientists, stakeholders, and executives, to produce data products.