Daniel Rangel, MPH

Senior Associate


Tufts University School of Medicine

Master of Public Health

Boston, MA


Texas Christian University

Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA

Fort Worth, TX



Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR)

Certified Specialist in Business Intelligence (CSBI)

Daniel Rangel, MPH, is a senior associate at Coker Group. He has worked within the strategy, revenue cycle, and data analytics departments of some of the largest healthcare systems in the United States: Trinity Health and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Daniel brings work experience in process improvement, strategic planning, market analysis, business development, and organizational development. Under the direction of the Chief Strategy Officer of Michigan & Florida and Vice President of Enterprise Performance Management at Trinity Health, Daniel developed leadership competencies to become an elite healthcare leader. He places high due diligence, ethics, and work quality as the top priorities when conducting client work.


  • Facilitated Trinity Health’s transition towards an automated revenue reporting process for the analytics department which reduced manual usage and cut the processing time by 80%.
  • Completed administrative fellowship at Trinity Health in June 2022 for the strategy and revenue cycle departments.
  • Interned at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in the Summer of 2019 for the patient accounting department.
  • Created an orthopedic vendor analysis that will reduce the average cost per case and the number of vendors for Ann Arbor and Livonia locations.
  • Constructed a data map dashboard for the data analytics department that will resolve future data breaks within a timely manner and provide end users “line-of-sight” for all existing data tools.
  • Devised a playbook to visualize department resources and establish a framework for future growth within Mercy Elite, the sports performance arm of Trinity Health.
  • Designed a high-level MS Visio flowchart visualizing the customer acquisition process for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM).
  • Developed an alphanumeric coding system that expedited the data acquisition process for BCBSM.
  • Delivered a CPT report highlighting the number of CPT codes not used to renegotiate reimbursement rates with insurance companies.
  • Printed 100+ paper claims within Epic to collect hospital payments from five Middle Eastern embassies (paper claims must be sent for international patients).
  • Developed a monitoring procedure that tabulated statistics automatically for 50+ investment strategies to provide data awareness.
  • Created an Excel-based reporting tool based on Bloomberg Terminal information on a bi-yearly basis to improve investment reporting processes.