Andrew Cadger is a manager for Coker Group’s finance, operations, and strategy divisions. He primarily focuses on compensation valuation and model development, financial modeling and analysis, fair market opinions, and hospital/physician alignment transactions. Mr. Cadger also works with Coker’s operations and strategic divisions on governance structure, strategic planning, physicians’ community needs assessments, and medical staff development plans.


  • Completed multiple compensation redesigns ranging from a mid-sized rural facility to a major urban health system.
  • Participated in compensation and economic negotiations between medical schools and health systems.
  • Negotiated and redesigned employment agreements for cardiology and surgical service lines for a significant metropolitan health system.
  • Developed a compensation modeling tool for hospital administration to track compensation on an ongoing basis.
  • Served as a compensation valuation expert witness for analyses and reporting.
  • Assisted the practice management leadership team in a system-wide patient access optimization project, focusing on new patients for outpatient clinics affiliated with a prominent academic medical center.
  • Worked on strategic pricing with an emphasis on charge strategy and optimal charge methodology for hospitals and health systems, with revenues up to $10 billion.