Andrew Born, MHA



Saint Louis University

Master of Health Administration

Bachelor of Science, Health Management

St. Louis, Missouri

Professional Memberships

American College of Healthcare Executives

Andrew Born, MHA, is a manager at Coker Group with 5 years of experience in physician and provider compensation valuation. Additionally, he provides related strategic and financial consulting to health systems, medical groups and other healthcare organizations. Andrew utilizes industry best practices to assist clients with physician needs, from smaller medical directorship agreements to 1,000+ physician/provider medical practice agreements. His work helps clients ensure that they pay physicians competitive compensation that is commensurate with the professional work provided and that matches market demands.


  • Led discussions with client chief executives and managers to determine needs, request relevant information, and develop analyses that match client needs.
  • Advised clients on strategy and planning based on individual situations utilizing past experience and client’s goals and expectations.
  • Performed physician compensation fair market value studies, as needed for Stark Law, Anti-Kickback, and similar laws, resulting in less regulatory risk for clients.
  • Created new analytics related to financial data, provider productivity, dashboards, and other metrics.
  • Assisted clients in developing compensation plans based on current best practices, dependent upon the organization, specialty, and other factors specific to the situation.
  • Managed staff to learn healthcare laws and policies, ensure accuracy of analyses, and help with staff career advancement.
  • Utilized market data, understanding of regulations, and financial analysis skills.