Healthcare Executive Search

A strong healthcare system depends on sound leadership and able professionals to fill its executive positions, like all industries. However, the competition for capable leaders is fierce, particularly in healthcare. Health systems must find the right candidates to meld with their organizations’ culture and work effectively with leadership team.

Executive search for the right candidate calls for experience and expediency. Coaching the new hire in the new role is foundational to enduring success.

Coker Group provides comprehensive healthcare executive search services to clientele on a national basis. Our searches are conducted by seasoned healthcare professionals all with over 20 years of experience. We focus exclusively on finding executives for the healthcare industry. Our objective is to help outstanding professionals align their career goals with an organization’s strategic objectives, creating highly successful, long‐term matches. Able leadership at all levels maximizes an organization’s strategic potential for success.

Current Searches

Retained Executive Search

Excellence in leadership selection and attention to cultural fit is crucial for long-term strategic success. Coker’s robust search process, competitive and performance-based fee structure, and effective onboarding sets us apart. Our focus is on hospitals, health systems, and larger physician groups, both independent and hospital sponsored. Our team of highly-experienced search executives, including the subject matter experts who augment them, are committed to making long-term matches. Further, we provide healthcare executive coaching for the selected professional to ensure success and optimal results.

Interim Management Solutions

Finding executive talent is complicated and exasperating, especially when you need an immediate solution. No organization can afford to operate without its leaders. A highly-functional executive team is critical to survive in the highly-matrixed environment of healthcare. Time, unfortunately, is a commodity in short supply and the duties of a departed executive can rarely be delegated effectively. Nor in many instances is it advisable for the position to remain vacant while a national search is underway.

Coker offers experienced senior healthcare executives for short- or long-term assignments. This service can also be coupled with a healthcare executive search for a permanent placement. Our interim executives, supported by a full-service consulting firm, help maintain organizational momentum when mission critical executives leave.

When you need a temporary solution to fill the gap of an executive role due to any absence, whether permanent (i.e., retirement or job change) or temporary (short- or long-term leave), Coker has the interim management solution.

Healthcare Leadership Development

Healthcare executive coaching begins by establishing a relationship between executive and coach built on trust. Once established, the executive and coach follow a process to improve overall results in the critical areas of personal effectiveness, communication style, positioning for advancement and skill building. Executive coaching uses a systematic approach to assist executives with transitional issues and can quickly and dramatically improve performance. Executive coaching can be an ongoing catalyst for helping professionals stay ahead of the curve as outstanding managers and leaders, benefitting the individual and having a lasting effect on the organization.


Executives moving into new organizations or roles must know how to lead in a way that garners understanding and respect. They must be able to assimilate the culture quickly, communicate effectively, assess the abilities of the staff and the capacity of the organization to grow and meet competitive challenges. The executive’s success requires a variety of skills and the ability to focus quickly. Executive coaching and onboarding enables new executives to overcome many challenges and provides the tools to make the right decisions in the first critical months of their employment.

Executive Communication and Teambuilding

For sustained superior performance, hospitals must seek competitive advantage through outstanding leadership and strategically minded management, not just at the top, but throughout the organization. The way to attain that goal is through consistent and clear communications coupled with a commitment to team and culture building from the director level right through the C- Suite. Coker can assist leaders understand their individual communication styles and their colleagues’ styles. The outcome will be a group dynamic that is more effective, transparent, and results-oriented.

Human Resources Department and Talent Acquisition Development

Recruiting for top talent is hard work and getting more difficult throughout a healthcare organization. Factors such as a rapidly-changing delivery system, shrinking talent pool, increasing numbers of open positions, and an often overwhelming workload for the in-house HR team, present many challenges for both clinical personnel and executive leadership. Many hospitals do not have the experienced personnel, the financial resources and/or the mindset to utilize retained healthcare executive search on a routine basis to fill critical leadership positions, from the director level through the C-suite. Coker assists and supports your organization by unbundling our retained process and providing assistance only in your areas of need. We can assist with search strategy, candidate research, networking and sourcing of candidates, screening and interviewing, the recommendation of finalists, compensation strategy, and reference and background due diligence. By working together, we often can reduce our typical search fees by 50 to 60 percent.

Physician Search

We understand the challenges in-house recruiters face and the scope of service in finding the clinical physician talent your organization needs. We work closely with you to meet the increasing demands your physician recruiter faces. Whether you are building a hospitalist program, replacing a key physician or specialist, increasing the physician complement of an employed physician group, or assisting to augment a group under contract, our healthcare executive search firm can help.

Contact us to speak with a search executive and learn how Coker can help you build your leadership through executive coaching, interim management solutions, long-term executive search, and healthcare leadership development.