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Healthcare Executive Forum Recap: Thriving in an Aggressive Healthcare Integrated World

  • June 30, 2016

Coker Group and their partner, GBS Corp, held an invitation-only executive healthcare forum in Scottsdale, AZ, at the beautiful Sanctuary Retreat, April 4-6, 2016.

Healthcare executives from hospital systems and large medical practices attended the two-day event in the desert sun to share ideas, expand networks, and discuss current issues. Attendees presented topics covering many key trends in healthcare. This recap outlines some sessions and highlights key discussion points from the forum.

Dr. Thomas Graham, Chief Innovation Officer of Cleveland Clinic, discussed innovation in healthcare organizations. The key takeaway from this discussion highlighted the fact that:

  • There are two ROIs for innovation in any organization–culture and new idea development.
  • To drive innovation, you need capital and, most importantly, an internal champion.
  • Each institution has its own fingerprint that drives innovation, and this identity for innovation needs to be developed.
  • Machine learning will be transformative in healthcare and will be a major component in driving innovation

Mark Pasquale, CIO, Missouri Health Connection, discussed the value of Healthcare Information Exchanges. HIEs deliver value through:

  • Better care coordination
  • Reduction in length of stay and re-admission rates
  • Both qualitative and quantitative return to an organization and community

Dr. Mac Knight, Senior Vice President/CMO Coker Group, and Max Reiboldt, President/CEO Coker Group, discussed the move from volume to value in healthcare. They shared that the move to value is not a “fantasy”, and new paradigms of delivering care are upon us. Some key points they shared include:

  • Transformation to value occurs at the bedside.
  • Care Design process execution impacts and enhances multiple facets of the organization:
  • Organizational development
  • Infrastructure and contract management
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Management of disease care
  • Reimbursement paradigms and mindsets

Attendees also held poignant group discussions on some challenges occurring in their local markets. Two of the critical points reiterate that healthcare is moving toward a profit-focused business within a very competitive landscape:

  • Higher deductibles are changing the way healthcare is delivered; now organizations should be concerned about collections and competitiveness.
  • Shared savings programs enhance care delivery by allowing physicians to have insight into and getting their buy-in into data.

These topics and discussions reiterate that healthcare is changing at a rapid pace. Continuing to deliver value and driving new methods of care at a lower cost are critical for a health systems’ and physicians’ success. Moreover, it is crucial that healthcare organizations have visionary leadership in place to influence the kind of change necessary for the future. Healthcare leaders must continue to engage physicians to improve the ways care is delivered. There is no doubt they will continue to be vital in the move toward value. Healthcare organizations should move even faster toward using data to improve outcomes, drive innovation, and understand the populations in their market.



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