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Episode 97: A Provider’s Perspective on the No Surprises Act

  • February 24, 2022

Rick Hindmand, an attorney with McDonald Hopkins, and Andy Sobczyk, a senior manager with Coker Group, join Mark to talk about the No Surprises Act. They focus their discussion on implications and action steps for healthcare providers and facilities.


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Episode Synopsis

Rick explains the No Surprises Act. The legislation protects patients from surprise billing by prohibiting balance billing unless the patient is notified and consents and protects patients from cost-sharing obligations that exceed in-network amounts.

Rick and Andy focus their discussion on the impact on healthcare providers (facilities and providers that are out of network) and the act’s key provisions impacting their revenue stream.

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CMS Releases New Rules for No Surprise Act

Surprise billing regulations establish procedures to determine out-of-network rates

Emergency Physicians Recover A Higher Share Of Charges From Out-Of-Network Care Than From In-Network Care

The Six Provider Lawsuits Over The No Surprises Act: Latest Developments

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