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Episode 94: How to Solve Accessibility Challenges in Rural Healthcare

  • November 11, 2021

Mark Reiboldt and Richard Romero chat with Chris Pusey (Rural Partners in Medicine) about healthcare challenges in rural communities. Chris shares his company’s experience building specialty surgical programs in rural America.


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Episode Synopsis

Chris, Mark, and Richard discuss their shared passion for rural healthcare. Chris discusses Rural Partners in Medicine’s unique approach to providing surgical services locally to smaller communities. Patients within these communities prefer to receive care near their homes instead of traveling 100 miles away from their support systems.

Listen to the episode and learn how Rural Partners in Medicine keep rural healthcare local.



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  • Richard Romero, CVA, ABV, FHFMA, PAHM

    Richard Romero, CVA, ABV, FHFMA, PAHM

    Senior Vice President


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