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Episode 63: Is Virtual Care Here to Stay?

  • May 7, 2020

Brandt Jewell, Alex Kirkland, and Richard Romero join Mark Reiboldt to discuss the changes to healthcare delivery during a public health emergency. Brandt, Alex, Richard, and Mark discuss the results of our recent survey on telehealth adoption and utilization.


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Episode Synopsis

Patients are changing the way they are consuming healthcare and telehealth will continue to be a viable, preferred platform for healthcare. Practices will have to incorporate telehealth into their patient access strategy to continue being successful. However, for telehealth to become a long-term strategy, there are other options to consider.

According to the survey, operations workflow was ranked as the number one challenge while compliance was ranked as the lowest. Although compliance remains on everyone’s mind, the first hurdle to overcome is the ability to interact with patients and operate efficiently.

Alex, Brandt, Richard, and Mark discuss these and other key points from Coker’s recent telehealth survey of healthcare leaders.



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  • Alex Kirkland

    Alex Kirkland

    Vice President

  • Brandt Jewell

    Brandt Jewell

    Senior Vice President

  • Mark Reiboldt

    Mark Reiboldt

    Executive Vice President

  • Richard Romero, CVA, ABV, FHFMA, PAHM

    Richard Romero, CVA, ABV, FHFMA, PAHM

    Senior Vice President


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