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Episode 25: 2019 Healthcare Industry Trends

  • January 17, 2019

Roz Cordini, Aimee Greeter, Brandt Jewell, Stephen Ross, and Chris Torregosa join Mark to share their thoughts on current healthcare industry trends and where the industry is heading in 2019. The discussion was recorded live during its presentation to the company as part of the 2018 Coker Group annual meeting.



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About the Panelists

  • Roz focuses on coding, clinical documentation and compliance services for hospitals, health systems and physician practices, and helps organizations develop or update their compliance programs and establish remote compliance officer services for smaller facilities.
  • Aimee specializes in hospital-physician alignment, accountable care responsiveness, hospital service line development, clinical integration initiatives, strategic planning, executive compensation, mergers and collaborations, operational issues, and financial management.
  • Brandt’s concentration is on delivering value across the ambulatory enterprise and has extensive experience assessing executive leadership, physician alignment strategies, operational efficiency, financial stability, organizational structures, and competitive landscapes for health systems across the country.
  • Stephen specializes in assisting healthcare organizations in the areas of hospital-physician alignment transactions, compensation valuation work, compensation plan redesign, strategic business planning and operational/financial performance improvement.
  • Chris works on a variety of high-level consulting projects assisting clients in technology assessments and selection, providing guidance and solutions and execution of strategic project deliverables to coordinate, guide, and advance EHR adoption and use.


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  • Roz Cordini, JD, MSN, RN, CHC, CHPC

    Roz Cordini, JD, MSN, RN, CHC, CHPC

    Senior Vice President

  • Brandt Jewell

    Brandt Jewell

    Senior Vice President

  • Stephen Ross

    Stephen Ross

    Vice President

  • Chris Torregosa, CPHIMS, PMP

    Chris Torregosa, CPHIMS, PMP

    Vice President


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