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Episode 19: ValuePath™: Where Does Your Journey Begin?

  • November 1, 2018

Ellis Knight, MD, and Mark Stabile join Mark to discuss the ValuePath™ approach to value-based care and the benefits of technology solutions. Mark, Dr. Knight, and Mark talk about the changes in the healthcare market and the transition to value-based care as a delivery model and business model.



Episode Synopsis

Mark Stabile is the CEO of TEAM of Care Solutions, a company that combines best-practice operational processes with the most advanced healthcare technology platform in the world to deliver real-time, evidence-based care coordination workflow across a diverse team of providers. Dr. Knight and TEAM of Care Solutions work together to provide the suite of services known as ValuePath™.

Dr. Knight and Mark Stabile join Mark to discuss the key features of ValuePath™ and how their approach differs from others within the industry.


Episode 12: ValuePath™: Transitioning to a Value-Based Care Delivery Model

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