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Episode 112: Announcing the 2023 E/M Impact Calculator

  • February 23, 2023

Jaci Kipreos, Alex Kirkland, and Matt Jensen join Mark Reiboldt to discuss the evaluation and management coding section changes and announce the update to our popular E/M Impact Calculator. What does your organization need to do to address these changes?


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Episode Synopsis 

Alex, Jaci, and Matt present what the road map looks like and what prompted CMS to give a directive. Outpatient changes started in 2021, and the inpatient changes were effective on January 1, 2023. Their advice is to treat 2023 as a preparation year, measuring high volume codes and conducting operational reviews by the provider to determine if the documentation will meet the new guidelines. These changes will also affect your compensation plans because there are material changes to the wRVUs.

The impact calculator estimates the potential economic impact your organization may face with a partial listing of changing codes. Please note that the results of the calculations include the national Medicare reimbursement impact based on the volume input. As such, the calculation results are meant for planning purposes only and do not represent an estimation of value. For a more in-depth assessment of your providers’ payment calculations and how this may affect your commercial and other payers, please contact us to speak with one of our physician compensation experts.


Estimate the impact on key E/M codes



  • Jaci J. Kipreos, CPC, CPMA, CDEO, CEMC, CRC, COC

    Jaci J. Kipreos, CPC, CPMA, CDEO, CEMC, CRC, COC

    Director of Provider Audit Services

  • Alex Kirkland

    Alex Kirkland

    Vice President

  • Matthew Jensen, ASA

    Matthew Jensen, ASA

    Senior Manager


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