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Coker Foundation is a private non-profit foundation that oversees charitable activities on behalf of the Coker Group, its related shareholders and entities, and members of the Reiboldt family.  The Foundation works with non-profit charity organizations in the U.S. and throughout the world, providing financial and other resources focused on addressing critical needs of underserved populations and implementing positive and sustainable social, economic and intellectual improvements where needed most.  We aim to take a well-organized and efficient approach to investing in areas of significant need, in a manner that maximizes the value ultimately returned to the beneficiaries of these efforts.

The key areas of focus for the Foundation include:

  • Domestic Healthcare: non-profit healthcare organizations; health issues; medical research
  • Global Health: charitable healthcare programs in developing countries
  • Aide: relief assistance and aide programs (as needs arise)
  • Community Programs: other opportunities/requests where we can make a positive impact

For more information about Coker Foundation and our charity programs, or for questions on how you can participate in these efforts, please contact Kay Reiboldt at 678-832-2000 or kreiboldt@cokergroup.com, or Mark Reiboldt at markreiboldt@cokergroup.com.