History of Coker Group

Established by Jackson C. Coker in 1987, Coker Group began as a physician relations firm whose purpose was to develop and enhance the relationships between hospitals and their medical staffs. The newly founded company moved into its first offices in 1988 with a small team from Atlanta and California. With extraordinary success and a growing list of hospital clients, Coker strengthened its footing through a focus on building hospital and physician relations through educating physicians and their staffs to improve their operational processes and enhance their business models. Delivering educational programs and assistance with medical practice management became the business model for this young company. Services expanded to fill all business advisory needs of healthcare provider organizations.

Coker began to memorialize its expertise in the mid-90’s through the publication of materials to enhance practice operations and financial management. Through the years, Coker has worked with national associations, such as the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, Healthcare Information Management Systems Society, and other healthcare societies and entities to complement the work of its consultants with hospitals and physicians. Industry publishers, such as Greenbranch Publishing, McGraw-Hill, Jones & Bartlett, and HealthLeaders Media are among the companies that have engaged Coker for its knowledge and capabilities.

Under the strong leadership of Max Reiboldt, upon Jack Coker’s retirement in the mid-1990s, Coker Group continued to respond to the needs of hospitals and physicians as healthcare transitioned from one reimbursement paradigm to another through the late 1990s and beyond. During this period, the firm shifted its emphasis from the original physician relations’ services to become a full-fledged healthcare advisory firm. Through its history, the firm has met the complexity and expansion in healthcare that has occurred into the 21st Century. Coker Group holds a notable position as leading business advisors to the healthcare industry, assisting with complex negotiations between hospitals and physicians. Through five main services areas — strategy, operations, finance, technology, and compliance — the firm’s mission is still to provide healthcare organizations with innovative, principled solutions to achieve their optimum level of productivity. Coker Group looks forward to continued progression and prosperity in the coming decades.

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