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Four Areas to Incorporate in Your Hospital Service Line Strategic Planning

By Ellis “Mac” Knight, MD, healthcare consulting firm specialistMBA, Senior Vice President/CMO and Aimee Greeter, MPH Senior Vice President | Coker Group

Most healthcare organization today see strategic planning as an imperative. For many, it includes an annual process of looking forward, discussing ways to address current and future challenges, and responding to potential threats in the competitive landscape. However, one often neglected area in these global strategic reviews is drilling down to the service line level. While it is critical to push global strategic plans from the top down, it is also imperative that individual service lines have their own plans, both to support the global strategic plan and to help achieve their specific aims. Following are four major areas to incorporate in service line-specific planning:

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Long-Term Value Creation Through Effective Post-Merger Integration (And how football teams aren’t that different from hospitals pursing successful transaction strategies.)

By Mark Reiboldt, MBA, Senior Vice President | Coker Group

healthcare consulting firm specialistMergers and acquisitions (M&A) is not a new concept for hospitals and other healthcare industry organizations, particularly in the era of hospital-physician alignment. Making M&A transactions work, however, is an entirely different exercise and is increasingly challenging in today’s marketplace. Creating long-term value after merger integration requires careful planning and execution.

I am an avid football fan. In working with healthcare organizations on merger strategies and M&A transaction execution, I can see parallels with football teams. So, in outlining how to make healthcare organizations’ transactions work better, I use the football team metaphor for application. Perhaps, the similarities will resonate with football fans.

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