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Front-End Patient Collections: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

By Jeff Gorke, Senior Vice President | Coker Group

The launch of 2018 initiates the annual “re-set” for patient deductibles. With the ongoing specter of greater patient out-of-pocket healthcare expense (via copays, coinsurance, deductibles, etc.), the need to engage patients on collections has reached a new urgency. Additionally, patients are now more empowered to “vote with their feet” because they are searching for both lower cost and better access.

Front-end (e.g., front-desk) patient collections are a small, but important, cog in the overall revenue cycle (RC) machine. However, it is seldom contemplated in the microcosm. That is, most people review the RC as charge capture, billing, collecting, and follow-up. However, front-end collections are both important and essential.

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Strategic Planning for Healthcare Systems and Practices

By Aimee Greeter, MPH, FACHE, Senior Vice President and Taylor Harrison, Staff Assosciate | Coker Group

In a healthcare environment currently experiencing changes in regulations, an evolving shift in the reimbursement paradigm, and a deluge of new technology, there are two camps of healthcare strategy. Some choose to sit back and wait, and others opt to tackle issues head-on by actively planning for the future of their organization. While considering some of the issues facing healthcare organizations may be somewhat daunting or may seem fruitless given the ever-changing nature of healthcare, we stress that proactively considering potential future challenges will set up your organization to face them when they inevitably come.

Strategic planning allows organizations to get a head start on preparing for changes that will affect them down the road, and it also allows them to step back and consider the overarching strategy currently driving their organization. Given that there are typically few if any employees in healthcare settings dedicated to strategy and growth, these concepts can get lost in the day-to-day minutia of running the organization or attending to patients.

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